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One of the main reasons why senior citizens, disabled require help from a caregiver or attendant is their healthcare problems. They face many problems like
- Difficulty getting up
- Difficulty standing
- Walking longer distances without support
- Get tired easily
- Lower immunity
- eyesight is affected
- physically weaker
- hearing is affected
- Memory is affected

Since senior citizens cannot get up easily, they require someone to fetch items for them. Some senior citizens are using walkers and other items for support, while others are not willing to use these items. Hence they require the help of someone who can run the various errands for them to make their life more comfortable So though these activities will take less time, the caregiver should be in the same house as the senior citizen.

Another problem is the reduced immunity of the senior citizen, due to which they fall sick more often. Earlier they would fall sick only once or twice a year, they are now getting a cold twice a month or more often. During the monsoon the problem is more severe, since the senior citizen also gets fever more often and is bed ridden. Hence a person is required to get medicine and food for the senior citizen, who is unable to visit the pharmacy or doctor, to get the medical assistance required.

The memory of senior citizens is also affected, and they often misplace or forget things. They then waste time searching, which cause frustration and stress. So the caregiver also has to spend time searching for items which are misplaced.